Deal of the Week: Dining Room Table and Chairs

Hi Ladies!

I am a sucker for a good deal, so I thought I’d begin sharing my favorite deals with y’all!

This week the deal comes from my hunt for a dining room set for my new apartment. This find was discovered at Wal-Mart!

The Find:

Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Table and Chairs.

maddox table2

The Deal’s Details:

maddox table3

The Maddox Crossing Dining Table and Chairs are a simple, yet elegant set that will fit into any interior design style. The table features a strong center support beam with crossed legs and is made of solid wood. It is made to seat up to 6 but looks just fine with 4 chairs also. The chairs feature an eye catching X design on the backing with a faux leather seat. Here are the dimensions of the table I pulled from the, 58.5″L x 35.5″W x 30″H (148.59 cm x 90.17 cm x 76.2 cm).


The purchase price at my local Wal-mart for the table was only $85 and $40 for a set of 2 chairs!

My Opinion:

maddox table

I am in love with this dining set! I purchased the table and 6 chairs for just $205! It was a steal! The dining set makes a beautiful addition to the farmhouse style I plan on using in my apartment.  This dining set is so versatile that it could fit with any style. From elegant, to modern, to french country, there’s not any design style these table and chairs will not fit!

To purchase these beauties I suggest contacting your local Wal-mart and seeing if they have it in stock! If you can’t wait you can order the table here and the chairs here!

This table and 6 chairs was a steal at only $205! I hope you enjoy this Deal of the Week!


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JORD Wood Watches-Review and Giveaway


Y’all know I am a thrifty girl, but y’all also know I don’t mind spending a little more when its something beautiful and something that I really want. Well, JORD sent me this beautiful wood watch to review and I can’t tell you enough amazing things about this beautiful piece. It is definetly a unique watch and would be a perfect women’s watch or men’s watch. If you have a watch fetish or know a watch lover this would be the perfect gift for yourself or them!

The Specifics


JORD sent me the Frankie in zebra wood and navy, you can check it out here, and woah is it beautiful! It has a cost of $189 It has a sapphire crystal glass face and a deployment buckle with push buttons. It’s streamlined and simple so it’s a perfect unisex timepiece. I can wear this beautifully and my step-father can wear it too. Each watch comes with a 1 year warranty and packaged in a beautiful solid wood case.

The Verdict

I think this will make the perfect Christmas gift for my step-father since he has a watch obsession. Shhhh, though because he doesn’t know this is his! Thankfully he doesn’t read my blog so I can share that. I would have easily purchased this for him for Christmas on my own due to his love of watches and the value of the product. You definetly get what you pay for! It is a wonderful luxury watch that will go with anything due to it’s simpleness and color scheme. It isn’t heavy but is tight enough to not fall off. A JORD wood watch would make the perfect Christmas or anniversary gift. Any watch lover, fashionista, or lover of fine things would love to receive a JORD Watch! Or you know, you could keep it for yourself, I wouldn’t judge!



JORD has been kind enough to provide one of my lucky readers with a $75 voucher! Plus, everyone who enters will recieve a $20 voucher too, isn’t that awesome!

Here is the Link to the contest!

Go enter and I hope you win! It would be a nice help in buying a beautiful JORD wood watch, and I know y’all love deals!

If you can’t wait for the contest go check out their selection of men’s and women’s watches at the links below!
Men’s JORD Wood Watches

Women’s JORD Wood Watches

Luxury Wood Watch

Jane Austen Special Edition Lit-Cube 


I paid for this box.This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

I have a book collection totaling almost 1,000 books.

Classics make up a sizable portion of that.

Jane Austen is one of the best when it comes to classics! She knew how to write so eloquently and tell a story that grabbed your attention from the beginning! That’s why when Lit Cube announced they were having a Special edition Jane Austen Lit-Cube I had to get it. Lit-Cube does special edition boxes every few months. They are priced a little higher than the regular subscription at $45.99 + s/h, and they are purchased in addition to the subscription. So if you want a special edition Lit-Cube make sure you place an order for it! There was no price list included in this box, so all prices are estimates.

The Goods


The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet -$15

This book is based on Pride and Prejudice and is presented through the eyes of the main character Lizzie Bennet. I don’t want to spoil the book too much, but it seems like a super interesting read. Lizzie and her sister become internet stars over night and are eventually approached by Bing Lee and his friend William Darcy. So much happens in the life of Lizzie Bennet that isn’t shown to the camera which means the readers get to feel as if they are partaking in secrets. There are plenty of twists to keep even the biggest Pride and Prejudice fan entertained!


Wax Melts- $5?

Oh My Word! I wish computers had a smell option! This wax smells so good you could eat it. It smells like sweet candy, almost like taffy! I have never received a product like this in a subscription box, so it was a neat surprise. I have a wax burner so this will be wafting through my house for awhile! Some people don’t own a wax burner though. I feel for them, because this stuff smells so good! I would suggest getting an old pan you don’t care about and melting it on the stove. It should give you the same effect. However, don’t leave the house unattended while doing this!



Jane Austen Journals- $10? & $5?

These journals are so cute! They fit in with the theme of the book since it’s written in a diary format. The large one has a mock cover of Pride and Prejudice and the small one has a famous quote from Jane Austen, ” There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart”.


Jane Austen Quote Mug- $10?

This mug has the quote “Know your own happiness” on it. It is a sweet quote and so true. We really need to know our own happiness, to know our why. It makes life so much easier. Something else that makes life easier is coffee and tea. Something that will go perfect in this cute mug!


Jane Austen Plushies- $10?

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! These are so cute! Lit-Cube had these specially made just for this box. They are Lit-Cube exclusives and can’t be found anywhere else. I’ve never gotten a plushie in a subscription box before and these are super cute for my first ones! They will make the perfect addition to my bookcase!



This box had a value of about $55, that’s more than the cost of the box! I felt the value was there in this box because I’m a lover of classics. If you aren’t than you may not enjoy this box as much, but that’s why it’s a specialty box. I really enjoyed the special edition Lit-Cube and will probably be ordering another one in the future! Lit-Cube proves once again why they are one of my favorite boxes! Lit-Cube does not have a referral system at the moment but you can visit  and use code MSA10 for 10% off your first box!


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FabFitFun Review- Fall 2016


The FabFitFun box is a quarterly subscription box that is sent out at the beginning of each season. Each box is worth $100+ in categories varying from beauty to fashion to fitness. Each box costs $49.99 and shipping is free in the continental United States and $8 a box shipping for Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

I purchased this subscription and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Each month FabFitFun includes a magazine in their box describing the items, how much they’re worth, and tips to use them. I love the magazine because it helps me better understand how to use the products I’m not as familiar with.

The magazine also includes a price list of each item so that you can know how much your box is worth! We all know how much I love my price lists, I suppose that is the thrifter in me.


This month FabFitFun also included a card with special discounts for seven of the products and companies that were featured in the box. I love getting discounts so that if I like a product I can purchase another one for a cheaper price.


The Goods


ToeSox- $18

I have never seen socks like these before, the toes are only half not full, so your toenails are exposed. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of toe socks. I do know that there are many people who are though. These are actually the most comfortable toe socks I’ve ever tried on! These are created specifically for doing things like yoga or Pilates. I can see how they would be incredibly useful when it comes to these fitness activities because they will keep you from slipping and give you more balance.


Spongelle- $16

FabFitFun always includes some form of beauty product in their box each season. This season they included a bath product also. Spongelle is a hypo-allergenic exfoliating sponge that already has the body wash in it. The scent is Bulgarian Rose, which smells amazing by the way, and it suds up real nice! It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and smelling slightly like this beautiful rose scent.


The Brow Gal Brow Gel- $20

I have received this brow gel in a few subscription boxes before. It helps keep your eyebrows looking perfect no matter the weather. It is sweat and water resistant, so whether it is 100 degrees and steamy or just plain old cloudy and rainy your eyebrows will be looking fly with this gel!


The Created Co. Coffee Mug– $19

I love this cup and this saying is perfect to me and is a bible verse I cling to everyday! Coffee definetly helps keep me filled with joy in the mornings too! There are two different options for coffee mugs that were sent in the boxes. The other saying was Good Morning Gorgeous. The created Co. also donates 10% of their profits to the charity water mission to bring clean water to people who don’t have it! So you can enjoy your coffee while helping others!


French Lavender Body Oil by Mullein & Sparrow– $18

This beautifully scented body oil is a great moisturizer for your skin. Lavender oil has so many qualities from healing to beauty, so this body oil is multi-use for sure. You can even use it in the bath for aromatherapy purposes.

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum- $50
This serum smooths, tones, texture, and elasticity over night while you sleep! I love this serum because I’ve seen it work! I’ve had a hard time finding serums that actually work and this one seems to do what it claims to do. It is a gel formula and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth with no sticky residue.


Pure Cosmetics- $50

I love this palette! The colors are so beautiful and ones that I can use on a daily basis!


You can even use some of the lighter colors as highlighters. They are high quality eye shadows and the pigment is very strong. They colors cross the spectrum from cream to a dark mocha shade. Every color you could need is included, it is worth every penny and makes the value of this box that much greater!


FabFitFun Coloring book & Pencils- $14

FabFitFun created this coloring book especially for subscribers. They also created a “Things” coloring book that other subscribers received. If you are a select FabFitFun subscriber than you would have gotten to choose which one you get. I’m not a select subscriber but I am over joyed I got the nature one. Coloring is my favorite past time and the pictures in this book are adorable!

FabFitFun also partnered with Pencils of Promise for this item, you can learn more about them if you click here. 



Mod Cloth Blanket Scarf– $35

Blanket scarves are very much in style this season. They are so versatile, you can wear them in many different ways. FabFitFun Subscribers got one of four colors in their box. I’m so happy I got the black and white one because I wear so much black and white and its such a classic color combo it can be worn with just about anything!



In the past few boxes FabFitFun has been including extras in the boxes. This month they included Cottonelle Fresh Care cleansing cloths and Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel.  Both of these products are very useful and do their jobs well. I love getting extras in boxes, they add to the value and its like getting stocking stuffers at Christmas!




This box, like every FabFitFun box I have received, was absolutely fabulous! The value of this box was over $240!!! How awesome is that for a $50 box?! Value  and usefulness is key to me, and FabFitFun is a box that always surpasses the mark!

If you would like to try out this box for $10 off the full price then use this link here!


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Lit-Cube September 2016 Review- Haunted Hearts


When I saw the theme listed for the September Lit-Cube box I have to say I was a little leery.

I’m not a huge fan of horror or dark stories, but I was surprised by this Lit-Cube box! The book wasn’t horror based but more of a Gothic romance. When I opened the box I was in love with everything I saw! It was all wonderful! This box was also special because everything in it was curated by the author of the book!

Lit-Cube is a monthly book subscription box that includes a newly published book and items that fit the months theme. The items in the box always include a wearable and a snackable, among other goodies.  This box is one that always meets it’s value, and sometimes it exceeds quite a bit. Lit-Cube is one of my favorite subscription boxes, because they always deliver! It is high in price value and the value is overwhelming when it comes to usefulness!

I paid for this box and this post contains affiliate codes, all opinions are my own. Lit-Cube costs $29.99/month with $4.99 s/h to the US & $14.99 s/h to Canada.


Card: Description card with price list

Each box contains a card with price lists and descriptions of each item. I love when subscription boxes do this because it helps show the value of the box and it’s nice to learn a little more about each product.


Book: The Architect of Song by AG Howard $15 (Amazon $13.45 Click Here to buy it)

The Architect of Song is a book by AG Howard, who not only curated the box but included a signed book plate! The book is about a love story between a deaf woman, an architect, and the ghost of an Englishman. It is the first book in a saga of novels following generations of women from the same family. It’s all about their search for self-acceptance, happiness, and love. I’m gonna leave you with that because if that isn’t enticing then I don’t know what is! This isn’t a book I would normally pick up since it fall outside of the genres I tend to stick to, but it looks like an interesting read and I can’t wait to dig in!


Snackable: Hot Chocolate $1 (amazon $0.25, $12.82 for 50 packets)

This was some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had! With the dark theme of the novel this drink is the perfect accompaniment for it. If you haven’t tried this I recommend you do! The flavor was great, and I suggest you drink it with warm milk instead of water, so creamy and good!


Exclusive Journal- $12.99

Lit-Cube likes to include exclusive items, and they are always fabulous! This journal is no different! It has a beautiful Chinese proverb on the cover. The proverb says “Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come. The pages include a way to mark the memo number, the day of the week it was written along with a place to put the date, a way to mark the weather of the day, and like any good journal includes lines to write your thoughts and words down.


Feather quill pen & ink vial set- $14.99

I think these are the perfect fit for the Gothic romance theme of this box. I absolutely can’t wait to use these to practice some calligraphy with! It’s so cool to go back in time with the book and with this set!


Gardenia Scented MOR Soap – $1.99

When I opened the box I was overwhelmed by this amazing smell. Turns out, it was this soap and it smells so good! Y’all know how I feel about subscription boxes including useful things! I’ve been using this soap and it leaves my hands feeling soft and smelling lightly like gardenia!

Amazon has a travel set of this amazing scent including this soap for $15 here!


Wearable Glass necklace with pressed flowers- $14.99 (Amazon $8.99)

This necklace was the first thing I saw and I am in love! It is beautiful! It fits the Gothic theme really well, but it is also something anyone with any kind of style could wear. This necklace was definitely my favorite thing in the box this month and I’m sure it was others favorite thing too!



This month the Lit-Cube  had a value of over $50! I really enjoyed this box and how the items went with the theme. Not to mention everything is incredibly useful, something I love! That means I won’t have to try and figure out what to do with items in the box. If i were to recommend you subscribe to a book box this one is at the top of the list! Lit-Cube does not have a referral system at the moment but you can visit  and use code MSA10 for 10% off your first box!


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The Nick Box , The First Box – Fall 2016

It’s 10 AM on a Saturday, and I’m 8 years old. What am I doing? Watching Nicktoons of course!

Nicktoons were a staple in my childhood, and as I grew Nickelodeon in general was always on my TV.

When I saw they were coming out with a subscription box for all things Nickelodeon I HAD to sign up!

The Nick Box is a quarterly subscription box filled with Classic Nickelodeon themed items.

You can sign up for a quarterly plan for $49.99+ s/h or you can sign up for the annual plan for $45.99+ s/h.

I purchased the annual subscription myself and all opinions are my own. Prices aren’t listed so I will estimate as best as possible.

The Goods

Spunky Plush – $10?

Spunky!!! If you don’t know he is the dog from Rocko’s Modern Life. I love this little guy he was always getting himself into trouble. For instance he once got packaged up as dog meat at the grocery store as Rocko was shopping super quickly to beat the clock. Seeing him in the box brought back so many memories from my childhood.

Chuckie t-shirt and glasses – $15?

The Rugrats was one of my favorite Nicktoons growing up. It was a toss up between the Rugrats and Doug! I related to Chuckie a lot as a child so I think that’s why I liked him so much. Getting this cosplay outfit in the box was awesome and I think I know what I’m gonna be dressing up as this year!

Stimpy Mug- $10?

Ren and Stimpy wasn’t a favorite of mine as a child, but I did enjoy watching it when it would come on. Stimpy was definitely my favorite though, because Ren was such a meanie! This mug is definitely usable and I’m always excited to get practical things in subscription boxes.

Reptar Vinyl figure- $8?

The green dinosaur that every baby loved! I was always perplexed as to why everyone loved Reptar when he went around destroying buildings all the time. Chuckie wasn’t so sure about him, maybe that’s why we got along so well. This figure will go well in my collection of 90’s memorabilia.

Cynthia Doll- $8?

I always wanted a Cynthia doll growing up, simply because Angelica made her seem so amazing! Now I get to own my very own Cynthia doll thanks to The Nick Box. Cynthia also will go perfectly in my collection!

Greeting Cards-$12?

These are the coolest greeting cards ever! I don’t even want to use them so that I can keep them to myself! However I have some friends that would love these so I will probably be using them pretty soon. I love how unique the products are in the box!

Rugrats’ Magnets-$5?

Practical things and things I can use everyday are what I love to get in my subscription boxes. It makes the value a lot higher to me. Magnets are something I use everyday to keep things up on the fridge so these cute ones will get some use!

Nicktoons Patches-$3?

Now patches aren’t my favorite things to get in a box but these are cool. I just never know what to do with them. These will probably being going into my collection, because look at them, they have the coolest of Nicktoons on them!


CatDog USB-$5?

Here is another one of those useful items I was talking about. A USB drive, who doesn’t need one of these from time to time? I seem to use one regularly, and they are always useful to have around for storing pictures or documents off of your computer to free up some space! Plus, it’s CatDog, how cool is that?!


Nick Box Conclusion


The box had an estimated value of around $75, so it exceeded it’s price point pretty well. However, the nostalgia factor that this box offers is worth more than any dollar amount. The value of the box could be less and I would still love it for what’s in it. ( Shhh, Don’t tell the creators that!)

If you love the 90’s and Nickelodeon then I strongly suggest you sign up HERE!


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Lit-Cube August 2016 Review- Mermaid Theme


When I heard that the theme for August’s Lit-Cube was going to be I’d Rather Be a Mermaid I was thrilled.

Honestly, Who doesn’t want to be a Mermaid?! I know it sounds exciting to me! Anyways, let’s get to it!

Lit-Cube is a monthly book subscription box that includes a newly published book and items that fit the months theme. The items in the box always include a wearable and a snackable among other goodies.  This box is one that always meets it’s value, and sometimes it exceeds quite a bit. Lit-Cube is one of my favorite subscription boxes, because they always deliver! It is high in price value and the value is overwhelming when it comes to usefulness!

I paid for this box and this post contains affiliate codes, all opinions are my own. Lit-Cube costs $29.99/month with $4.99 s/h to the US & $14.99 s/h to Canada.


Cards: Promotional and description cards

Each box contains promotional cards for the current months theme and a description card that lays out details and prices for the items in the box. This month they even included a card with a link to an E-book for Lit-Cube readers!


Book #1: Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama $10

This month Lit-Cube included not one but TWO mermaid themed books in the box! Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama is a book about a girl who can’t fall in love or she will die. This, unbeknownst to her, is caused by a family curse placed upon her family generations before her. The curse was placed upon the women of the family due to when mermaid Syrenka gave up her life under water to have a life on land when she fell in love with a human. It looks like a wonderful read!


Book #2: Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce $16.14

The second book in the box this month was Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce. This book is about a 14 year old girl named Phoebe whose sister is a fairy keeper and her best friends are mermaids, but she is just your average girl. Or so she thinks, until she goes on a trip under the sea to help her mermaid friends. I don’t want to spoil the story so I will stop there, but trust me, You Need To Read This Book!!!


Wearable: Mermaid Lip-Balm $4

This lip balm doesn’t have a strong scent but it is made with beeswax and feels wonderful. I struggle with lip balms making my lips more chapped. This Mermaid Snow Cone Lip Balm keeps my lips smooth and soft all day long! ( This link is not an affiliate link, I just liked it so much I had to share!)


Snackable: Everly Powdered Drink Mix $1.95

I love how wonderfully the snack fit in with the theme this month. The powdered drink mix is zero calorie and is to be mixed in water. They included the flavors peach mango, green tea passion fruit, and strawberry lemonade. I haven’t gotten to try them all but they sound delicious! Don’t these flavored drink mixes just sound like what a mermaid would drink?


Mermaid Tumbler- Lit-Cube Exclusive item $10

This tumbler is so adorable! It says I’d rather be a mermaid and is shaped like a soda can! I can always find use for another tumbler. I love when boxes include practical and everyday useful things.


Mermaid Towel- Lit-Cube Exclusive item $20

This is seriously the softest towel I have EVER felt. It feels like butter! The towel is a beautiful vivid purple and blue and says ” I must be a mermaid I have no fear of the depths and a great fear of shallow living.” I love that quote because it is so true! Shallow living is something we should all try to avoid and being afraid of the depths of life is never useful. I mean seriously though, how perfect is this towel?



August’s Lit-Cube had a value of over $62! That is amazing, I have never had a book subscription box that its value exceeded its price that much! Thats a 177% value or in dollars $27.09 past it’s price point in value. Not to mention everything is incredibly useful and fit the theme so well! If i were to recommend you subscribe to a book box this one is at the top of the list! Lit-Cube does not have a referral system at the moment but you can visit  and use code MSA10 for 10% off your first box!


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Owlcrate Subscription Box Review – August 2016


Disclosure: I have included affiliate links within the post. However, all opinions are my own and I purchased this box on my own.

I stumbled across the Owlcrate subscription box one day on Instagram. It is a book lovers dream! Owlcrate is a monthly subscription box for lovers of YA fiction books. It is $29.99 a month plus shipping for the monthly subscription, $28.99 a month plus shipping for the 3 month, and $27.99 a month plus shipping for the 6 month subscription ($6.99  shipping in the US, $10.59 to Canada, $19.99 Worldwide). Each month Owlcrate sends a box containing a new release YA  book and 3-5 book related items. I subscribed in July and the August box is the first one I have received. I purchased the Owlcrate box myself and all opinions are my own. Owlcrate does not list the prices of the products in their boxes so I have researched and estimated to the best of my ability.

 August’s Owlcrate theme was Fast Times at YA High. I love how they created the content card to fit the theme, it’s adorable!

Now on to the goodies!

Decomposition Book– $3

There were 3 different styles included in the Owlcrate box this month, I got the Under The Sea style. The other themes were Dinosaurs and Wild Garden. Each notebook is made of 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper, printed with soy ink, and are made in the USA by Michael Roger, Inc.  I love the cool designs inside the covers which can easily be colored, something I love to do. Plus, who doesn’t need a handy little notebook at their side at all times? I know I do!


Owlcrate Pins- $2?

This month Owlcrate included two cool pins in the box. The Hogwarts is my home pin is obviously a Harry Potter themed pin. However, the cool thing about the chapter raptor pin is that it is also included as poster on the wall of the Fast Times at YA High content card! Exclusive pins are always neat to have. As I am not a huge Harry Potter fan I will more than likely be gifting it to a friend, but the Chapter Raptor is mine!

Eleanor and Park Necklace- $12?

This necklace is so adorable! I haven’t even read Eleanor and Park, but this Owlcrate exclusive item makes me want to read it even more! The detail that went into this necklace is amazing. The cassette is perfectly detailed and the picture is a perfect rendition of the cover art from the book by Rainbow Rowell.

 Susanne Draws! Harry Potter Print – $6?

This print was exclusively made for Owlcrate. It is a perfect depiction of the characters, in my opinon and it’s also a perfect item to include in a box about books and high school. The print shows Hermione with all of her books and being the eager student we all know her to be, it shows Harry day dreaming, and Ron sleeping and not knowing whats going on like usual. Prints are one of my favorite things to get in subscription boxes because they are so unique and creative! (By clicking the link above you can check out her shop and find some of Susanne’s other work.)

Rainbow Rowell Advertisement

Owlcrate also included an advertisement for Rainbow Rowell and a few of her books. It included a brief description of some of her books on one side, and on the other was this cute little drawing talking about how awesome Rainbow Rowell books are and how hard they are to put down. The advertisement worked, I’m ready to buy and read Eleanor & Park right now!


Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns – $12

The coloring book was made specially for Owlcrate to fit into the box, however it is the same exact coloring book that is linked here. I LOVE TO COLOR! So needless to say I was over the moon when I saw the coloring book in the box. It is filled with almost 100 pages to color and relax. As adult coloring has been proven to be a great way to relax and revisit the carefree-ness that childhood offered. Do you like to color? If so then I recommend you get this book yourself!

Colored Pencils- $1?

These cute little mini colored pencils were included in the box. They are branded with the title of the book and are the perfect size for traveling! I love that Owlcrate included the colored pencils in the box, because if a customer didn’t have colored pencils already they wouldn’t have to wait till they had a chance to buy some before they could start coloring.


P.S. I Like You by Kasie West- $11

My absolute favorite thing about Owlcrate is that they always include a signed book plate by the author of the book. Therefore, you always have a signed copy! They also include a note written by the author about the book. This is beyond special and I love that Owlcrate includes special things like this in each box, it makes the experience so much more exciting! I dont want to spoil the book, so I wont tell you everything, but to sum it up its about a couple of teens who grow close to each other through a love for music and a secret note exchange. I love the secrecy aspect and that their love begins over music since music has always been a big part of my life! I can’t wait to dig into this one!


Owlcrate’s August box had a value of around $47. That is a great value for a book subscription box and more than meets the $29.99+ shipping cost! The quality and usefulness of everything in the box this month is incredible! I am used to getting stuck with things that have no real value to me in other boxes, but Owlcrate seems to knock it out of the park! If you love books and want to start getting a book subscription box then I suggest you look into getting Owlcrate!

If you would like to try it out then go to and sign up now!

You can use code WELCOME15 for 15% off your first box!


The theme for September’s Owlcrate is Darkness! If you want to try out Owlcrate this month then hurry and subscribe now, they still have a few left!


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1990’s Retro Pop Box Review- August 2016

Retro Pop Box puts out subscription boxes that are based around the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This is a review of the 1990’s Retro Pop Box for August.

When you subscribe you choose what size you would like your shirt to be (Mens & Womens available) and you also choose the length of subscription you would like. The one month subscription, which i chose, is only $20 a month +shipping. They also offer 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions for a discounted price.

(I purchased the August 2016 1990’s box myself and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.)

        This is the first box I have received from Retro Pop Box and since I’m a 90’s baby I was really excited to get it! The company makes sure you get a feel for the 90’s from the moment the box enters your hands. The box itself is decorated in a very 90’s-esque geometric theme and when you open it up the first thing you see is a sticker with a perfectly 90’s saying “Boo-Ya!”

        Retro Pop Box includes a card describing each item that is included in the box. Unfortunately, Retro Pop Box doesn’t include prices fro their items so I will estimate the best I can.

        Each box contains a custom Retro Pop Box t-shirt that fits the decade. This is the T-shirt that was included this month:

The Big Kahuna Burger T-shirt – ($15 value)

       If you’ve seen a Quentin Tarantino movie then you know Big Kahuna Burger. I didn’t have a clue who Quentin Tarantino was back in the 90’s but over the years that has changed. For someone who was more of a teen in the 90’s this shirt probably holds a stronger nostalgia vibe than it did for me.

Ramen– ($0.20 value)

        The next thing that caught my eye in the box was something I would never expect to find in a subscription box. Ramen! When I saw the sticker I started laughing for a solid minute! As a young girl in the 90’s N’Sync was one of my favorite bands, and Justin was always a favorite. Anyone who was anyone knew who JT was in the 90’s and what was more famous that even him was his hair. Justin’s hair in the 90’s was very ramen-esque. This item isn’t high value but the nostalgia value was pretty high.

 Koosh Ball– ($4.50 value)

        Koosh balls were a 90’s kid staple. They were pretty cheap and could provide some decent entertainment. It was a total flashback to see this in the box. I always loved the many colors and the texture of the Koosh balls. Nowadays instead of a toy I use it as stress ball, much more fun than a foam ball!


Big Lebowski Mousepad– ($10 value)

       Cool custom mouse pads were big in the 90’s due to laptops being quite rare due to how expensive they were. The Big Lebowski was even bigger. Even though I didnt watch it in the 90’s I knew what the movie was due to the movies immense popularity. The next item in the box combined these two popular things from the 90’s. This mouse pad has the popular quote ” That rug really ties the room together” from the movie on it. The background of the mouse pad is also the rug from the movie.

Teen Spirit Air Freshener- ($1 value)

Again I wasn’t a Kurt Cobain fan, He was a little too out there for my boy band obsessed pre-teen self. I did have a few friends who used the teen spirit deodorant though, which is exactly what this smells like. I myself am not a fan, but this is one of those things I know would have a high nostalgia value for those who loved Kurt Cobain or used Teen Spirit growing up.

Tim Burton Playing Cards– ($5 value)

The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of my favorite movies growing up. Seeing this deck of cards in the box brought back many memories, not only of watching one of my favorite movies but also the many hours of my childhood that were spent playing various card games, from Go Fish to War! Each of these cards features a different character from the mind of Tim Burton himself.

Total Box Value- $35.70


        While the box wasn’t very high value it did meet its price point, and went a little above, which is always good with a nostalgia subscription box. This box does appear to be more geared to those who were teens or young adults in the 90’s. It was really fun getting to see things that I loved from my childhood and some neat things from movies I didn’t appreciate till later in life. If nostalgia is your thing and you would love to re-live the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s then go to and order your box now!

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