Jane Austen Special Edition Lit-Cube 


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I have a book collection totaling almost 1,000 books.

Classics make up a sizable portion of that.

Jane Austen is one of the best when it comes to classics! She knew how to write so eloquently and tell a story that grabbed your attention from the beginning! That’s why when Lit Cube announced they were having a Special edition Jane Austen Lit-Cube I had to get it. Lit-Cube does special edition boxes every few months. They are priced a little higher than the regular subscription at $45.99 + s/h, and they are purchased in addition to the subscription. So if you want a special edition Lit-Cube make sure you place an order for it! There was no price list included in this box, so all prices are estimates.

The Goods


The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet -$15

This book is based on Pride and Prejudice and is presented through the eyes of the main character Lizzie Bennet. I don’t want to spoil the book too much, but it seems like a super interesting read. Lizzie and her sister become internet stars over night and are eventually approached by Bing Lee and his friend William Darcy. So much happens in the life of Lizzie Bennet that isn’t shown to the camera which means the readers get to feel as if they are partaking in secrets. There are plenty of twists to keep even the biggest Pride and Prejudice fan entertained!


Wax Melts- $5?

Oh My Word! I wish computers had a smell option! This wax smells so good you could eat it. It smells like sweet candy, almost like taffy! I have never received a product like this in a subscription box, so it was a neat surprise. I have a wax burner so this will be wafting through my house for awhile! Some people don’t own a wax burner though. I feel for them, because this stuff smells so good! I would suggest getting an old pan you don’t care about and melting it on the stove. It should give you the same effect. However, don’t leave the house unattended while doing this!



Jane Austen Journals- $10? & $5?

These journals are so cute! They fit in with the theme of the book since it’s written in a diary format. The large one has a mock cover of Pride and Prejudice and the small one has a famous quote from Jane Austen, ” There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart”.


Jane Austen Quote Mug- $10?

This mug has the quote “Know your own happiness” on it. It is a sweet quote and so true. We really need to know our own happiness, to know our why. It makes life so much easier. Something else that makes life easier is coffee and tea. Something that will go perfect in this cute mug!


Jane Austen Plushies- $10?

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! These are so cute! Lit-Cube had these specially made just for this box. They are Lit-Cube exclusives and can’t be found anywhere else. I’ve never gotten a plushie in a subscription box before and these are super cute for my first ones! They will make the perfect addition to my bookcase!



This box had a value of about $55, that’s more than the cost of the box! I felt the value was there in this box because I’m a lover of classics. If you aren’t than you may not enjoy this box as much, but that’s why it’s a specialty box. I really enjoyed the special edition Lit-Cube and will probably be ordering another one in the future! Lit-Cube proves once again why they are one of my favorite boxes! Lit-Cube does not have a referral system at the moment but you can visit Lit-cube.com  and use code MSA10 for 10% off your first box!


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